Dear Cadet Second Lieutenant Walker,

I express my sincerest congratulations to you for earning the Brigadier General Billy Mitchell Award through the Michigan Civil Air Patrol. The Mitchell Award marks completion of Phase II of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Cadet Program, recognizing sustained excellence in all four areas of cadet life: leadership, aerospace, fitness, and character.

Joining the Michigan CAP in 2022 and serving as the color guard commander and on the primary cadet advisory council prove your well-rounded dedication to service. Additionally, you have continued to maintain top grades in school, participate in marching band, and regularly volunteer at the VFW Hall.

Now that you have earned the Mitchell Award and have become a cadet officer at the rank of cadet second lieutenant, you will be challenged to lead and serve junior-ranking cadets. While this increased responsibility is significant, I am confident you will serve with dignity and aplomb.

Again, I congratulate you for receiving the Mitchell Award, and I look forward to seeing you overcome new challenges and continue to develop into a leader for our community.


Mike McFall

State Representative, 8th District

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