LANSING, Mich., Feb. 28, 2023 — State Rep. Jennifer Conlin (D-Ann Arbor Charter Township) introduced a resolution today to honor Less Cancer, a nonprofit devoted to preventing cancer through education and public policy. The resolution passed the House with unanimous support. 

“Less Cancer has done pioneering work on cancer prevention,” Conlin said. “Their innovative use of social media and new media has made cancer prevention resources more accessible than ever. I applaud them for all they’ve done to keep Michiganders and people all over the world healthy.”

In contrast with organizations that support research on cancer treatments and cures, Less Cancer focuses on risk reduction. It has advocated for changes to community policies and corporate practices to help prevent cancer; increased awareness of the roles that specific contaminants, pollution sources, and lifestyle choices play in cancer onset; and worked to make healthy choices more widely available. They have also helped educate health care providers, for instance, by partnering with the University of Virginia School of Medicine Continuing Medical Education to provide continuing medical education credits on cancer prevention strategies.