DEARBORN – State Representative George T. Darany (D-Dearborn) said today that justice and civility will prevail over all efforts to divide Dearborn residents and target our diverse community members.

“Here in Dearborn we have a strong Muslim community that has contributed greatly to the success and well-being of our hometown,” Darany said. “We will not accept intolerance and attacks on our civil rights – no matter what the source. When outsiders try to bring fear and division to our community as they are doing now, I am confident Dearborn will come together to rise above ignorance and malice. I join my fellow Dearborn residents in rejecting the portrayal of our neighbors as our enemies, and I encourage others to join us as we stand together to fight intolerance.”

Darany praised community efforts to show unity against plans by a controversial Florida pastor to come to Dearborn on Friday and demonstrate outside a mosque.

Darany also spoke at a massive rally Monday protesting reports of abuse and violations of civil rights by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) agents in the Detroit area and calling for reforms.