LANSING – In an effort to bring accountability to state government, State Representative George T. Darany(D-Dearborn) has co-sponsored legislation that would dock state elected officials’ pay if they do not pass the state budget by July 1.

“Our residents deserve legislators who are as hard-working as they are,” Darany said. “There is no excuse for not getting the budget done by July 1. There are families in Dearborn and around Michigan who sit at their kitchen tables and figure out how to make ends meet every month; it’s irresponsible that the Legislature fails to complete the budget in a timely manner year after year. As a member of the Education Committee, it is one of my top priorities to make sure our schools can educate our kids without disruption and without the risk of mid-year cuts.”

The legislation would require that the state budget is passed by both the state House and Senate and signed into law by July 1. Failure to do so would result in legislators losing a day’s pay for every day that the budget is not presented to the Governor after July 1. Once the budget is presented, the Governor and Lt. Governor would also lose a day’s pay for every day after July 1 that it remains unsigned.

Dearborn’s city and school budgets – which rely heavily on state funding – start on July 1, whereas the state’s budget year begins on Oct. 1.

Local governments and schools are unable to plan for the year if they aren’t presented with a budget by the time their fiscal year starts, which often forces them to adjust to major cuts in state funding after their fiscal year begins. This threatens their ability to serve our residents and educate our children.

“Michigan’s families deserve a Legislature that works for them,” Darany said. “This legislation will help Michigan’s cities and schools be better prepared to serve families during these challenging economic times.”