DEARBORN – State Representative George T. Darany (Dearborn) today praised the federal Transportation Enhancement (TE) Program, the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), Wayne County, and the City of Dearborn for working together to secure more than $300,000 in federal TE funds to revamp the Dix Avenue-Vernor Highway intersection. The funds will be used improve pedestrian safety and provide space for additional parking.

“I am so pleased to see the cooperation between MDOT, Wayne County and the City of Dearborn that helped secure these valuable TE resources,” Darany said. “The Dix-Vernor makeover will not only make it safer for Dearborn residents, but it will also draw in more customers for our business district.”

The project will include ADA compliant curb ramps, proper lighting for safe pedestrian crossing, benches, trash receptacles, and landscaping. The goal to make the intersection more attractive and pedestrian-friendly is intended to help spur economic growth for the surrounding business. It will cost a total of $571,105, of which, $342,663 will come from federal TE funds.

“I am thankful for all of the efforts and hard work that went in to securing this grant,” Darany said. “These improvements showcase our dedication to making Dearborn as business-friendly as possible and ensuring that our community is a great place to live and work.”