DETROIT, Mich., March 22, 2021 — Employees of Redford’s 7-Up Dr. Pepper (KDP) distribution center and members of Teamsters Local 337 have recently gone on strike in pursuit of better wages, treatment, and working conditions.  On the picket line last week, unfair and racist intimidation tactics were reportedly levied against striking workers. In solidarity with the striking workers, the members of the Detroit Caucus Executive Committee released the following statement:

“The reports we have heard about the racist intimidation tactics against striking workers at the Redford 7-Up plant is unacceptable and unconscionable. We stand in complete support of the workers fighting for better conditions and will not allow the appalling behavior of KDP to be ignored or forgotten. These workers are exercising their right to band together and advocate for themselves. They should be able to so free from discrimination, disrespect and threats.”