DETROIT — State Representative Alberta Tinsley-Talabi (D-Detroit) hosted an informative town hall on Michigan’s new tax laws changes on Monday to hear directly from Detroit residents who are seeing the new tax laws impact their retirement checks. Residents were given the opportunity to ask questions on the recent changes to the state tax structure, connect with resources that might be helpful as they prepare for the new tax system, and share their thoughts on this new tax burden on Michigan families.

Tinsley-Talabi was joined by her colleagues, State Representatives Lisa L. Howze (Detroit) and Maureen L. Stapleton (Detroit); State Senator Bert Johnson (Detroit); and guests Mitch Bean of Great Lakes Economic Consulting and Renell Weathers of the Michigan League of Human Services.

“I’m glad I was able to pull together so many people who were able to answer questions for the taxpayers of Detroit,” Tinsley-Talabi said. “Fighting against these painful tax changes has been one of my priorities and the priority of my Democratic colleagues. While we are against these new taxes, I want to help the people of Michigan understand how these changes will affect them and their families.”

This new tax structure represents a major shift: instead of a tax base that includes businesses and individuals, taxpayers must now pay a great deal more for state government programs and services. Proponents of the new law added an appropriation, preventing Michiganders from challenging the law by voter referendum under the state Constitution.

Approximately 20 individuals attended the event at the Stapleton Center, and discussed the recent tax changes and how those changes affect Michigan’s seniors and middle-class families.

For more information on Michigan’s new tax law, where you fit into the pension tax phase-in, and how much more you and your family will pay, please visit