LANSING – State Representative Scott Dianda (D-Calumet) introduced House Bill 4368 this week to require the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) to give local units of government the first chance to bid on snow removal equipment at auction before the equipment is offered to the general public. This is a reintroduction of House Bill 5204 from the 2013-2014 legislative session that passed out of the House with 110-0 votes last December.

“I am pleased that my fellow House members overwhelmingly supported this bill last year, but this time around I am calling on the Governor and the Senate to finish the job. Our local governments have less money to provide the services that residents demand and expect, so when MDOT is auctioning off snow removal equipment they should offer it to local officials first,” said Dianda.

Some local governments are still using snow plows from the 1970s. MDOT uses the state site MiBid to auction off their old equipment after they buy new. Older MDOT equipment is still newer than what some locals have to use, so it makes sense to allow them the first chance when MDOT has equipment to sell.  The use of MiBid internet bidding makes it feasible and affordable to offer selected property to local governments before opening the bidding to the general public.

“With the hard winters communities across Michigan have experienced lately it makes sense to let local governments, who we all expect to keep our roads clear of snow no matter how much falls, have first chance at good, used MDOT equipment,” said Dianda. “I look forward to the support of my colleagues in the House and Senate, and I hope to see my bill signed into law so local officials can benefit the next time MDOT has equipment for sale.”