LANSING, Mich., June 30, 2023 — The U.S. Supreme Court handed down the last of its decisions of the term this week, strengthening the rights of anti-LGBTQ+ businesses to discriminate, overturning affirmative action and blocking student loan forgiveness. State Rep. Emily Dievendorf (D-Lansing) issued the following statement on the court’s rulings:

“Corrupt MAGA justices on the Supreme Court are taking our country backward. While legacy admissions for wealthy Ivy League graduates remain legal, affirmative action — an imperfect but invaluable tool that has helped close racial economic and educational disparities — has been overturned. The court has empowered bigots all over the country to discriminate against LGBTQ+ Americans, fanning the flames of hatred under the pretext of religious freedom. Now, they are ripping out the rug from under struggling college students and graduates who thought some financial relief might be on the horizon. In Michigan, we’re reinvesting in students and graduates to lower educational barriers and making education more accessible through initiatives like the Michigan Achievement Scholarship. We all must keep fighting to reverse the tide against MAGA justices who consistently put wealthy, white, straight men over everyone else.”