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Thank you once again for the opportunity to be our community’s voice in Lansing. In order to understand your priorities and views on the issues we face as a state, I rely on your input. You can get in touch with me by phone at (517) 373-2577, by email at, or by attending one of my constituent discussions (details below). I send these updates and notices about events once or twice a month as a service to constituents. If you would like to unsubscribe, please email me.

I look forward to working together with you to move our state in the right direction.


Yousef Rabhi

Join me for a Yousef and YOU Discussion

I hold regular “Yousef and You” forums where anyone in our district can come to get an update on legislative issues, ask questions, and participate in open discussion. I hope many of you will be able to join me there. Due to the holidays, in November and December I will hold only one discussion each month. These will be on the third Saturday of the month instead of the usual fourth Saturday.

The next Yousef and You forums will be:

Saturday, Oct. 28

10 a.m.

RoosRoast Coffee, 1155 Rosewood Street, Ann Arbor, 48104

Saturday, Nov. 18

10 a.m.

RoosRoast Coffee, 1155 Rosewood Street, Ann Arbor, 48104

Saturday, Dec. 16

10 a.m.

RoosRoast Coffee, 1155 Rosewood Street, Ann Arbor, 48104


Protecting those Injured in Auto Crashes

Michigan’s unique auto no-fault insurance system provides unparalleled protection to ensure that people injured in auto crashes get the care they need without impoverishing their families. However, there are very real problems with the current system, causing many Michiganders to pay exorbitant premiums. Insurance companies are allowed to gouge ratepayers based on ZIP code, credit history, occupation and other factors not related to responsible driving. In some areas of the state, drivers must pay prices many times higher than those paid by people in more affluent communities. This “red-lining” has left struggling families with unaffordable insurance bills.

You may have heard about the two major proposals in the Legislature seeking to bring down auto insurance costs. The first proposal, HB 5013, has gotten a lot of attention, but I believe it has hidden flaws that would make it a bad deal for the people of Michigan.

The biggest problem with HB 5013 is that rate reductions would be temporary and would apply only to a bare-bones plan that would leave injured drivers out in the cold when they are injured in an accident and need insurance the most. The “junk insurance” plan would cap outpatient costs at a mere $25,000, which would not cover even a year in a nursing home or rehabilitation facility. Instead of having those long-term care costs covered, people will be either forced to draw limited Medicaid help or go without care.  For those that do shift to Medicaid, the taxpayers will shoulder an additional burden estimated at $15 million in new annual costs.  What is even more egregious is that HB 5013 would not prohibit discriminatory rates based on non-driving factors, meaning the bill has no provision to guarantee significant cost savings for those who need it most. Additionally, there is a loophole for insurance companies that fail to reach their rate reduction targets. This bill would create a segregated system where struggling families would end up without critical life-sustaining care in exchange for empty promises of meaningful rate reductions.

Fortunately, there is an alternate bipartisan plan known as the “Fair and Affordable Auto Insurance Reform” package. This plan would bring down rates by incentivizing coordination with health insurance and prohibiting discrimination based on factors unrelated to a person’s driving record. The bill package would also reverse the effects of several anti-consumer court rulings that have undermined the protection promised by the no-fault system. I believe this plan is a better option overall for the people of Michigan.

Legislation Seeks to Enable Hunting of Sandhill Cranes

Last week, the House Committee on Natural Resources approved a resolution calling on the Michigan Natural Resources Commission to designate Sandhill cranes a game species and to apply for approval from the federal Fish and Wildlife Service to authorize a crane hunt. The resolution, House Resolution 154 was adopted today, however it has no binding effect on the Natural Resources Commission or the Fish and Wildlife Service.

I have received many messages from constituents opposing the hunting of Sandhill cranes, and I agree that it is not appropriate to hunt these graceful birds. There are other, nonlethal ways to manage any difficulties the cranes may cause for farmers. Many legal steps would have to be taken before a hunt could be authorized, and the passage of this resolution is largely advisory and symbolic. However, symbols matter, which is why I opposed HR 154.

Free Publications

I have a variety of free publications available for constituents. Many of them are useful for both individuals and organizations. Popular titles include Services for Seniors, Your Child, Tenants and Landlords, and A Student’s Guide to the Legislative Process. If you would like hardcopies delivered, please contact my office to let us know how many you would like. A full list of titles and electronic copies are available at