LANSING — State Representatives Gretchen Driskell (D-Saline) and Henry Yanez (D-Sterling Heights), members of the House Commerce Committee, heard testimony today on House Bill 4249, which would bar municipalities from enacting paid leave policies greater than those of the state or federal government. The bill is meant to restrict the ability of a community to support the health and well-being of its workforce.

“As a former mayor, I believe that local governments know best how to meet community health issues,” Driskell said. “Over 1.5 million workers in this state do not have sick leave. This becomes a public health issue when sick employees come to work or have to bring their sick children to day care because they cannot afford an unpaid sick day.”

If HB 4249 is passed, hard-working Michiganders could be forced to choose between going to work while ill — potentially endangering co-workers and customers — or staying home without pay, making it harder to make ends meet.

“Michigan’s middle class is the backbone of our state’s economy. When families do well, everyone prospers,” Yanez said. “Instead, some in Lansing would continue to attack the economic security of middle-class families. I will fight to oppose this legislation every step of the way.”