BAY CITY — After a closed session, the Michigan Civil Rights Commission voted recently to formally reprimand the state’s Department of Civil Rights Director, Agustin Arbulu, for making inappropriate comments objectifying women and creating an offensive work environment. Last week, it was revealed the comments included remarks about his daughter. In response, state Rep. Brian Elder (D-Bay City) is calling for his resignation, and has issued the following statement:


“Director Arbulu’s comments are deeply disturbing — not only because of his position but because, as a father, I cannot fathom how someone could think it would be OK to speak that way about your daughter. His actions clearly demonstrate an inability to recognize the difference between what is appropriate and inappropriate — the basic foundation for leadership at any level, but especially as the head of the department tasked with ensuring all Michiganders feel safe from this exact type of harassment. I don’t see how Arbulu can continue to be trusted with the responsibility to carry out the Department’s core mission, which is why I call on the director to resign immediately.”