LANSING, Mich., June 26, 2020 — State Reps. Brian Elder (D-Bay City) and Abdullah Hammoud (D-Dearborn) introduced legislation this week to foster the safer use of fireworks in communities across Michigan. House Bill 5932, sponsored by Elder, would prohibit the ignition, discharge or use of consumer fireworks by minors without the presence of an adult.

“Michigan’s fireworks law was changed in 2011 to allow adults to purchase more powerful fireworks,” said Elder. “I can’t think of one good reason why minors should be able to use these dangerous explosives without the supervision of an adult. Most importantly, this proposal aims to prevent injuries to our state’s children as well as reduce property damage and wildfires.”

House Bill 5931, sponsored by Hammoud, would require retailers selling fireworks to disclose specific information in a conspicuous place at their establishment regarding any limitations, local ordinances or the associated liability of the consumer.

“It’s clear that further fireworks reform is needed in our state and that absolutely requires us to promote the responsible use of these products at every turn,” said Hammoud. “By requiring retailers to clearly share the necessary information with their customers, we can take one step forward in protecting the safety and security of our fellow neighbors and communities. I look forward to continuing to advocate for these bills to ensure these summer-time activities don’t end in injuries or destruction.”

In recent weeks, there has been a reported uptick in fireworks sales and their subsequent discharge in communities across Michigan, considered to stem from the impacts of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Many large fireworks displays previously scheduled have also been cancelled, leading to many consumers buying fireworks for personal use in place of the events. Both bills were referred to the House Committee on Regulatory Reform for further consideration.