LANSING — The state House of Representatives passed House Bill 4687 yesterday that would allow hunters to use bait for deer and elk in Michigan. The bill passed with three amendments adopted, one of which was introduced by state Rep. Brian K. Elder (D-Bay City) to set a limit of five gallons for the amount of feed hunters are able bait with. In response to the bill’s passage with his amendment, Elder issued the following statement:

“The amendment I offered to House Bill 4687 was adopted and passed along with the legislation in order to strike an important balance for deer and elk baiting practices in our state. As it passes on to our colleagues in the Senate for consideration, the bill in its current form will allow hunters to bait for deer and elk, but only using up to 5 gallons of feed, based on my amendment. I’m always happy to work across the aisle to reach reasonable compromises on important issues like this.”