BAY CITY – On Wednesday evening, former Congressman Bob Traxler passed away at the age of 88. Traxler was appointed to serve on the House Appropriations Committee, where he became known as part of Speaker Tip O’Neill’s “College of Cardinals,” later becoming a subcommittee chair. Prior to his nearly two-decades as a member of Congress, Traxler also served for 12 years as a state representative and majority floor leader in the Michigan Legislature where he earned his nickname of “Bingo Bob” for his foundational role in allowing games of chance to be utilized for charity fundraising. In response to his passing, state Rep. Brian Elder (D-Bay City) issued the following statement: 


“It is with great sadness that we salute the passing of such a prominent leader, not only to our Bay City community, but to our state and nation as well. Congressman Traxler was a true public servant who was always thinking about the ways he could help others, and I’m hopeful we can all find comfort and inspiration in the legacy he leaves behind. I am honored to represent the same State House District he served for over a decade, and will seek to honor his legacy fighting for our people in Lansing as he did here and in Washington, D.C.”