Emergency Resolution Aims to Protect Flint Residents

Resolution would ensure residents receive bulk of settlement dollars. 

LANSING – Today in Lansing, Genesee County State Representatives introduced House Resolution 56.

House Resolution 56 calls to limit the percentage of the settlement funds that attorneys handling the case will be able to claim. Currently, proposed fees and costs would leave about $431.3 million to be distributed to roughly 100,000 Flint residents, roughly $4,300 per person, with attorneys receiving over $202 million dollars.

“I have seen my friends and neighbors suffer over the past six years. While I agree that the attorneys in this case need to be properly compensated for their work, there is no reason that over $200 million dollars should be taken from the residents of Flint,” said Rep. John Cherry (D-Flint). “I encourage Judge Levy to limit the total amount of compensation for lawyers to no more than 10%, ensuring that Flint families will receive the settlement dollars they need so badly.”

House Resolution 56 has been referred to the Committee on Government Operations.