Dear Neighbor,

It’s my pleasure to send this enews highlighting the latest happenings in Lansing and in the district. I also have an extra special message and section for the women in my district: your rights matter, and as your legislator, I am dedicated to dissolving barriers that women face. This newsletter in part marks the successes we’ve made to improve the lives of Michigan women.

Some of our wins include strides taken to diminish restrictions that weighed heavily on women’s access to reproductive health care. And the pay equity package various colleagues and I introduced will continue to shatter long-standing barriers faced by Michiganders.

Rest assured that the challenges faced in our community and state are at the top of my legislative priorities. Do not hesitate to reach out to my office by phone at (517) 373-2276 or email at if we can help.

In service,

Helena Scott

State Representative

House District 7

Clean, Affordable, Reliable Energy 

Michiganders are paying too much for electricity that is too unreliable. With prices still high and household budgets tight, you deserve better. The clean energy industry is growing rapidly, and without spurring investment here at home, we could get left behind.

That’s why I hosted the Energy Reliability, Resilience and Accountability (ERRA) Task Force Listening Tour, around the state last summer with various colleagues in the House and Senate. And when the time came, I voted for the Michigan Jobs, Michigan Energy package. This legislation will increase clean and renewable energy here in Michigan, leading to lower electric bills, cleaner and healthier communities, and more jobs for our friends and neighbors.

As chair of the Energy, Communications, and Technology committee, I encourage you to stay tuned and get involved with the Michigan Jobs, Michigan Energy conversation and to follow other committees that may interest you. To stay tuned for all the latest committee happenings, click here.

Tax and Clean Energy Resources to SAVE YOU MONEY!

Democrats have been working hard to lower costs and to put more money back into your pockets. Here are a couple of resources for you:

  • Are you looking to save on your taxes and lower your utility bills? New federal tax credits can save you up to 30% on geothermal and battery installations, up to $7,500 on used and new electric cars, $1,200 on weatherizing your home, and $2,000 on a new water heater. For more information, go to

Helpful tips for Clean Energy Resources

  • Water heating makes up about 90% of energy used by clothes washers. Using cold water decreases energy use.
  • Replace your light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs.
  • Open your curtains during the daytime to allow the sun to naturally heat your home.
  • By turning your thermostat down 10-15 degrees while at work, you can save about 10% a year on heating bills.
  • Contact your local community action agency to see if you qualify for a free home energy audit. To find your community action agency, go to


Notes From the Floor:

House Bill 4325 by Rep. Scott

I’m happy to share that we’ve had success in signing into law my bill HB 4325, which raises the stakes on illegal dumping in our state. My bill will hold violators who commit environmental crimes accountable with stiffer penalties and increased fines.

With this new law, I wanted to send a clear message: Polluters will pay for abandoning trash and contributing to the blight and destruction of our neighborhoods. Enough is enough — it’s time for polluters to pay up for the cleanup.

Did you know that illegal dumping is a costly problem? According to statistics from the Michigan Department of Transportation, in the 2022 fiscal year, the state spent nearly $7.7 million for workers to pick up trash along state highways and roads. This figure does not include the costs of roads maintained by municipalities. We simply cannot afford illegal dumping.

Protecting our environment is paramount to keeping our communities and ourselves healthy. Illegal dumping can have disastrous effects on our water systems and soil quality, not to mention it can expose Michiganders to problems with pests like rats. It is costly to clean up litter, and now with my bill being law, it’ll cost those who make the mess a lot more.

HB 4235 will hold violators who commit environmental crimes accountable with stiffer penalties and increased fines.

To the Women of District 7: This News is Especially for YOU! 

Our Bodies, Our Lives — 1931 Repeal & Reproductive Health Act

We have made a mark on history and will continue working to uplift all people and protect the rights they need and deserve by ensuring everyone has full bodily autonomy.

  • We repealed the archaic 1931 criminal abortion ban in line with Proposal 3. This means doctors and nurses won’t be at risk of criminal charges for providing the health care Michiganders need.
  • We passed the Reproductive Health Act to ensure that all people in Michigan actually have the ability to access their reproductive rights and make the decision that’s right for them about if, when and how to start or grow a family. The act repealed medically unnecessary restrictions on abortion providers aimed at limiting access to reproductive health care.

Your Choice, Your Health, Your Family,

Your Success

The choice is yours — we’ve guaranteed that. House Dems have worked hard to introduce legislation that encompasses all people and considered all family types. We’ve introduced legislation to help support the health, wellness and aspirations of Michigan women and mothers, including bills to support maternal and infant health; provide family protection for surrogacy; and make sure women are receiving the support they need.

  • Maternal and Infant Health Package 

The United States has the highest rate of maternal deaths compared with other high-income countries and is the only one in that group where maternal mortality rates are rising. Not only that, maternal deaths are the highest among people of color. We are working to combat this disparity with the introduction of this legislation to protect Michigan mothers and children.

  • Surrogacy/Family Protection Act

House Dems passed bills which have now been signed into law to ensure proper legal protections are in place for Michigan families to ensure children born in Michigan have access to a secure legal relationship with their parents, which is vital to their well-being. Michigan’s existing law leaves many children born through assisted reproduction or surrogacy without clear legal protection and vulnerable to uncertainty regarding their legal status.

  • Domestic Abuse Protections 

The uneasy reality is that 1 in 4 women are survivors of domestic violence. Most domestic violence crimes are classified as misdemeanors, allowing those convicted of domestic violence the opportunity to access a deadly weapon. We passed bills to change that in 2023. The new laws limit convicted abusers from accessing firearms for a number of years after their sentences. These bills will help keep women and survivors better protected in our communities.

  • Michigan Child Marriage Ban 

About 95% of child marriages are between girls and adult men. It was long past time that Michigan banned child marriage, so House Dems did. Legislation was signed into law to finally ban child marriage in the state of Michigan, protecting our children and ensuring girls have a future that is theirs. I am committed to eliminating harmful, abusive practices to ensure that girls are protected and their futures are bright.

Progressive Women’s Caucus Introduces Pay Equity Bill Package 

As my fellow Democratic colleagues and I continue to commit to putting people first, we must continue to find ways to close the pay gaps. I was proud to sponsor legislation introduced by the bicameral Progressive Women’s Caucus (PWC), of which I am a member, last month during Women’s History Month.

This package of bills to make a real difference in Michiganders’ lives by empowering workers with the knowledge and awareness of their rights and how to address wage discrimination, especially for women of color. The majority of this package was introduced last month, however, HBs 4405 and 4406 were introduced earlier last year.

This 12-bill package works to diminish the discrepancies between pay by providing equal pay certification, requiring employers to educate employees of their equal pay rights and requiring employers to follow certain protocol such as prohibiting inquiries about previous wage situations, or wage discrimination, and would allow for anonymous wage discrimination reporting through the Civil Rights Division.

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that women make up a little over 50% of Michigan’s population, and yet women’s pay is not equal; they also reported that full time working women earn 84 cents to every dollar a man does. LGBTQ+ individuals tend to receive only 90 cents per dollar of a typical worker.

As discrimination continues to be easily identified in the statistics, House Dems are working for equality for all people. These bills don’t only pertain to women, but all individuals and their rights to equal pay, no matter who they are. This legislative package is for all those who feel and see the discrimination within their paychecks and in their workplaces.