Dear Friends,

Each year, the Legislature and governor work together to create a fair and balanced budget for the state of Michigan. The first step towards this process begins with the Consensus Revenue Estimating Conference (CREC). Nonpartisan fiscal agencies in both the Senate and the House, along with the governor’s team of economists, come forward to present a report to the Appropriation Committees on what we can expect for future state revenues. I have written about CREC on my website if you are interested to find out more details.

Recently, the governor gave her State of the State address in which she outlined her priorities for the upcoming fiscal year. She talked about the executive action she will take by issuing state bonds to properly fund the roads after the Legislature failed to act.

Last week, on Feb. 5, the State Budget Director, Chris Kolb, gave the Executive Budget Recommendation. In it he showcased the priorities of the governor such as increasing the total dollars spent per pupil on education and creating a fund for Healthy Moms and Healthy Babies to reduce infant mortality rates and expand postpartum care in Michigan.

To see a more detailed summary please visit my website at There you will be able to read about the take-aways I felt were most important to our community as well as links to the State Budget Office where you can access the budget presentation as I saw it and see some other helpful graphs and infographics.

If you should have any questions or concerns about the Executive Budget Recommendation, please do not hesitate to call me office at (517) 373-1771 or email me at Thank you.



Ronnie Peterson

State Representative

54th House District