State Rep. Alabas Farhat (D-Dearborn) testifying on his bill on June 20, 2024, in the Michigan Capitol Building in Lansing.


LANSING, Mich., June 28, 2024 — The Michigan Legislature passed the final state budget for the 2025 fiscal year ahead of the legally required July 1 deadline. Democratic leaders crafted a budget focused on strategic, targeted investments that improve the lives of people and hometowns across Michigan without raising taxes. After the vote, state Rep. Alabas Farhat (D-Dearborn) issued the following statement:

“I am deeply proud to have helped pass a responsible, forward-thinking budget that empowers local leaders with the funding they need to build stronger, safer hometowns. Michiganders deserve to feel welcomed and safe in the places they call home. This budget invests in crucial public safety, community violence prevention and mental health resources. I know these investments will not only help keep hometowns in my district safe, but also ensure that they remain vibrant communities where our children want to stay for generations to come.”

The budget includes several items that will specifically benefit the communities that Farhat represents. Notable highlights include:

  • $6 million for public safety and public health infrastructure in Dearborn.
  • $75 million for the Public Safety and Violence Prevention Fund.
  • $40.3 million for lead service line replacement projects.
  • $25 million for local water infrastructure projects.
  • $500 thousand for more pedestrian walkways that cross over roadways.
  • $10.8 million for the Michigan Agricultural Environmental Assurance Program to minimize agricultural pollution.