LANSING — State Rep. Pam Faris (D-Clio) introduced a bill today to protect veterans from financial predators. House Bill 4923 would prohibit any person from requesting payment from a veteran, or a veteran’s spouse, for a DD-214 form showing proof of discharge from active duty.

“Our veterans have made sacrifices for our state and our country, the likes of which many of us cannot even imagine,” Rep. Faris said. “DD-214 papers were earned through service and sacrifice, and they belong to the veteran and his or her spouse. The idea that some people try to exploit veterans by charging a fee for free documents is shameful.”

DD-214 forms are available for veterans and veterans’ spouses free of charge. Rep. Faris invites any veteran who would like a DD-214 form to contact her office for assistance at (517) 373-7557 or at