LANSING, Mich., Jan. 31, 2023 — Michigan’s 102nd Legislature is now almost a month underway. In just a few short weeks, House Democrats have delivered on a number of important promises made to the people of Michigan. The Michigan House passed House Bills 4001, 4002 and supplemental funding bills (Senate Bills 7 and 8) — collectively, the legislation will boost the economy and provide much-needed relief and support to Michiganders. State Rep. John Fitzgerald (D-Wyoming) co-sponsored both House bills and voted yes to pass both.


“House Democrats have really hit the ground running,” Fitzgerald said. “This first month has been very productive — we’ve successfully delivered on several of our pledges, including reducing financial burdens on working families and retirees.”


Respectively, HBs 4001-02 repeal the retirement tax, saving half a million households an average of $1,000 a year, and expand the working families tax credit, giving 700,000 families a combined refund of at least $3,000.  


“By expanding the working families tax credit, Democrats are helping to empower Michiganders to prosper,” Fitzgerald continued. “Increasing this tax credit keeps money in bank accounts so mortgages can be paid, school supplies can be purchased, and kitchen pantries are kept full. The positive effects of this credit grow outward from the family unit, too. By increasing purchasing power, more cash will go back into local communities, which will serve to grow the economy across our entire state. I voted to pass this legislation, and I can confidently say that I will keep voting for and sponsoring policies that are pro-family, pro-worker and pro-Michigan.”