LANSING, Mich., March 10, 2023 — State Rep. John Fitzgerald (D-Wyoming) sponsored a bill Tuesday to establish a trigger lock distribution program to be administered by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services to provide for the distribution of firearm trigger locks to new parents or legal guardians immediately preceding or following the birth of their child. After introducing the bill, Fitzgerald issued the following statement:


“Gun violence is a public health crisis with complicated causes. We need the solutions to be multifaceted. By far, one of the worst problems of this crisis is that guns are the leading cause of death among children and teens in this country. The bill I have introduced is a start to solving this very serious and preventable problem at its source. By guaranteeing the distribution of trigger locks to the homes of infants, your children and minors, kids will be safer. It’s an important step in the necessary culture change to how we think about and approach responsible gun ownership so that we can save lives.”