GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., March 31, 2023 — State Reps. John Fitzgerald (D-Wyoming) and Phil Skaggs (D-East Grand Rapids) hosted a town hall in Wyoming to share and discuss Democratic caucus legislative priorities for the 102nd legislative term. House Democrats have hit the ground running during the first 90 days of the session by passing policies that directly and positively impact the people of West Michigan and across the state. 

“Listening to residents is the first step to manifest real, positive change in our community — this town hall was a valuable opportunity to receive direct feedback from residents about what kinds of changes would best impact their everyday lives,” Fitzgerald said. “Now I can go back to Lansing to implement policies to improve our schools, to spur economic progress that will help revitalize Wyoming, and to create policies to make health care more affordable and accessible. I want to thank those who attended and shared their voices — I hear you, and I am inspired by you to keep doing this work.”

“It is extremely valuable to open a space to get together with community members so we can discuss what matters most to them,” Skaggs said. “This town hall was also a great chance to share with them the legislation we have passed so far this year and talk about House Democrats’ priorities going forward. As we head into budget season, these discussions are especially important. As a member of the Appropriations Committee, I promise to bring the needs of my district and all of West Michigan to Lansing — I’ll be advocating for funds to support our schools, improve our infrastructure, and uplift the economy in our part of the state.”  

Background: Since gaining control of the chamber in January, Michigan House Democrats have moved at a historic pace, passing more bills during the first month of the term than during the first months of the last six terms combined — all of which were terms when Republicans held the majority. The legislation includes: 

  • Putting Workers and Unions First: repealing the so-called “right-to-work” policy (HBs 4004 and 4005), and restoring the state’s prevailing wage law (HB 4007). 
  • Lowering MI Costs Plan: fiscally responsible tax cuts by expanding the working family tax credit and repealing the retirement tax (HB 4001).
  • Commonsense Gun Reforms: combatting the gun violence epidemic via background checks, safe storage laws, and extreme risk protection orders (HBs 4138-48).
  • Rights and Freedoms: protecting personal rights and fighting discrimination by striking draconian criminal abortion laws from Michigan books (HBs 4006 and 4032), and expanding Michigan’s Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act to include anti-discrimination protections for sexual orientation or gender identity and expression (HB 4003).