LANSING, Mich., Dec. 19, 2022 — Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed House Bills 4378 and 4379 into law last week. HB 4378 amends the General Property Tax Act to specify that installing, replacing or repairing a whole-home generator is considered normal maintenance if it is not part of a structural addition or completion for the purpose of determining a property’s taxable value. HB 4379 amends the Michigan Economic Growth Authority Act to modify a reference in statute within the definition of “new construction” to be consistent with the changes proposed in House Bill 4378. Following the signing of these bills, state Rep. Garza (D-Taylor), who sponsored the bills, issued the following statement: 

“I am happy to see my bills signed into law. These bills will help Michiganders save more of their hard-earned money and make it easier for Michiganders to own whole-home generators, ensuring that if the power goes out, people can still have power for their medical devices in their homes to help keep them alive if the power goes out.”