DEARBORN — House Democrats unveiled a plan this week to expand air quality protections across the state and make communities safer for everyday Michiganders. The legislation would firmly establish air quality criteria at the state level and expand emissions permitting requirements, while increasing accountability and transparency between polluters and the communities in which they operate. In response, state Rep. Alex Garza (D-Taylor) issued the following statement:

“Michiganders deserve to know their government is doing all it can to ensure their safety, but each day we wait to act on the air pollution plaguing our communities we fail to live up to that expectation. Right now, the well-being of residents and entire neighborhoods are jeopardized when corporate polluters are allowed to poison our air without facing real consequences. This legislation would put a stop to that — telling corporations that if they want to benefit from doing business in this great state, they have to do their part to protect it and the people who live here.”