“I am deeply disturbed by revelations of this plot to kidnap Gov. Whitmer and other elected officials like myself and my colleagues in the Capitol. I believe I speak for all Michiganders when I say enough is enough — intimidation, violent threats and terrorist plots have no place here in Michigan or our country. For years my Republican colleagues have been silent or worse, quietly accepting and encouraging these dangerous ideas and mindsets. For our government to function and everyone to have a voice, we must stop flirting with these fringe groups and stand up for our democratic values with integrity.

“Debate and discourse will always be a part of who we are, but we must stop tolerating and encouraging hatred and bitterness when we disagree. We must ensure that our public forums, like the Capitol building, are free from weapons, so Michiganders and elected officials don’t fear for their lives while performing their duty or petitioning their government. My colleagues and I in the Detroit Caucus have called on the Capitol Commission to ban weapons in the past and this failed plot is only more evidence they must act to protect everyone that visits or works in the Capitol.  I am grateful that we didn’t have a tragedy today and I implore all of my colleagues to denounce this hateful rhetoric now, so we don’t have to express our condolences later.”