LANSING —  Last week, LARA held a public hearing on a set of rules that could limit who is allowed to make medical diagnoses. House Bill 4325 was introduced earlier this year to resolve current ambiguity over which professionals are allowed to make diagnoses, without limitations that could adversely affect licensed professional counselors (LPCs) and their patients. In support of the bill, state Rep. Sherry Gay-Dagnogo (D-Detroit) issued the following statement:

“Mental health concerns continue to plague many of our community members, especially those living with trauma caused by years of having their needs unmet. All too often, it is an aspect of health care that is brushed aside in our state’s budget and policy priorities; but today, an important first step to shifting that narrative took place through the House’s passage of HB 4325. I’m proud to have supported this bill that will allow our licensed mental health professionals to continue administering much needed care to Michiganders across our state. As elected officials, we must all continue to work in a bipartisan way in order to truly begin to remove the stigma of mental health care and encourage everyone in need to seek the high-quality, professional care they deserve.”