LANSING, Mich., July 11, 2022 — Despite a current court injunction against Michigan’s 1931 abortion law, Republican Kent County Prosecutor Chris Becker released a decision to enforce the abortion ban. Reproductive health care facilities located in the county serve tens of thousands of West Michigan residents, making it a crucial location in Michigan for people to access safe reproductive health services. In her continued dedication to reproductive rights, state Rep. Carol Glanville (D-Walker) voiced strong criticism of the prosecutor’s decision. 

“The actions of the Kent County prosecutor are irresponsible. Our local residents — and everyone across the state — deserve the right to safe, accessible health care, and that includes access to abortion. Since the tragic Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade, I have been angry and dismayed; however, I am grateful to be alongside so many Michiganders and also many of my colleagues as we stand up for an individuals’ right to bodily autonomy. I will not stop advocating for this basic human right,” Glanville said. “I proudly join Rep. Rachel Hood, my fellow state representative in West Michigan, in her shared advocacy, which is why I absolutely support her decision to send a letter to Chris Becker, calling for him to comply with the court’s injunction. It is our duty as legislators to protect the rights of Michiganders, and I will work tirelessly to do so.”

Michigan is among several states with a pre-Roe abortion ban that was never repealed, which is one ostensible reason why the Kent County prosecutor’s decision to enforce the 1931 abortion ban has made national news — including a write-up in the Washington Post. Notably, however, the news has not been picked up by local media outlets in the Grand Rapids area, which comprises predominantly Republican-leaning districts. 

“It’s important that our residents be informed. It is important that unbiased news be provided to the public. And it is important that our communities know the current state of reproductive health rights. I want to make it clear that abortion, emergency contraception and other reproductive health care services are currently accessible in Kent County and other parts of Michigan.”