LANSING — State Representative Frank Liberati (D-Allen Park) was appointed by Gov. Rick Snyder to the Special Education Reform Task Force, led by Lt. Gov. Brian Calley. The task force will develop policy recommendations to address the key findings of Calley’s recent statewide special education listening tour, which led to a formal presentation to the State Board of Education. 

“Parents of a child with a developmental disability often feel overwhelmed with the educational process. I am honored that the governor and lieutenant governor felt that the voice of a legislator who has experienced the system firsthand was vital to these proceedings,” Liberati said. “I am looking forward to meeting with a great group of leaders from the special education community so that we can find ways to promote all children.”

“The Special Education Reform Task Force will continue the great efforts started by Lt. Gov. Calley as he spoke to fellow parents about their experiences within the existing system,” Snyder said. “This group will help us remain focused on putting Michigan’s special-needs children and their families front and center when considering reforms to this vital component in our education system.”

“All children deserve a chance to lead self-determined and independent lives,” said Calley. “We can do better and with the input of thousands of parents and the task force’s recommendations, we will do better.”

“Over the next couple of weeks, I will be forming a small special education roundtable of leaders from my own communities so that I may also discuss their thoughts and concerns throughout these proceedings,” Liberati said.

Snyder has asked Calley to wrap up the task force and present its recommendations by the end of the year.