LANSING — Gov. Rick Snyder signed state Rep. Andy Schor’s (D-Lansing) House Bill 4759 into law yesterday as PA 106 of 2017, allowing the state to sell the Farnum Building at the corner of Allegan Street and Capitol Avenue at current market pricing. The building formerly held most of the state Senate offices but has sat vacant for months. 

“It’s good news that this building will no longer sit vacant at one of the most important corners of downtown Lansing,” Rep. Schor said. “When this building is sold at the market price, it means more money for Michigan roads and Michigan schools. It means new businesses can begin to make use of the corner of Allegan and Capitol, which is why I worked so hard to see this bill signed into law.”

The 11-story building was completed in 1959, and the state bought it in 1978 for $3 million. Under the bill, sale proceeds will first reimburse the Department of Technology, Management and Budget for expenses, and the rest would go to the state’s budget.  

“Lansing is important because it is the capital city, but there is so much more to Lansing than just the Capitol building,” Rep. Schor said. “High-profile locations like the Farnum building anchor our downtown. It could provide office and retail space for growing businesses that create jobs or more residential opportunities for our residents. With this bill now signed into law, the growth of Lansing’s downtown can take the next step forward.”