LANSING, Mich., Nov. 16, 2023 — State Rep. Kristian Grant (D-Grand Rapids) has been appointed as the chair of the House Economic Development and Small Business Subcommittee on Housing. Grant’s appointment follows the resignation of former state Rep. Kevin Coleman, who stepped down to assume the role of mayor of Westland.

“Being entrusted as the chair of the Subcommittee on Housing is an honor, and I am committed to furthering our efforts to build stronger, more inclusive communities across Michigan,” Grant said. “I am dedicated to leveraging policy initiatives that lower housing costs for families, reduce homelessness and invest in underserved communities.”

Grant’s promotion to lead the Economic Development and Small Business Subcommittee on Housing heralds a new chapter in Michigan’s pursuit of equitable, thriving communities with greater access to affordable housing. Her multifaceted expertise and unwavering commitment position her as a catalyst for positive change in the state’s economic and housing landscape.