LANSING — State Rep. Patrick Green (D-Warren) introduced House Bill 5380 today to give a tax credit to businesses offering onsite child care for their employees. The credit would be equal to 50 percent of the costs associated with providing this service to parents.

“Access to good child care is one of the biggest concerns for a working parent, and parents often drive extra miles from their workplace just to have their child or children in a good child care center,” said Green. “Knowing your child is nearby and well-cared for will provide parents with peace of mind, enabling them to be more productive and focused at work. A tax credit will make it easier for businesses to offer this valuable resource to their employees.”

The tax credit could be used for expenses including, but not limited to, costs associated with compensation for child care providers, the purchase of supplies and equipment, and construction and maintenance costs for the center. Child care is a significant cost for working parents, and employer onsite child care may provide a more affordable alternative for parents. Easy access to child care on the job would also enable more parents to enter the workforce, allowing them to better provide for their families.

Green is also the sponsor of House Bill 5179, a bill to establish a tax credit to help working parents offset the cost of child care or care for an elderly adult.

“Providing a tax credit for employers for onsite child care is the next logical step after introducing HB 5179 to offset child care costs for parents,” said Green. “Many families work hard and still find themselves struggling to make ends meet. A child care tax credit and a credit to incentivize employers to offer child care at the workplace will help Michigan families with some of the major costs and concerns they face.  House Democrats have been fighting for working families all year. We will continue working for my bill and others to help create a strong economy benefiting all Michiganders. ”