LANSING – Last night, the Michigan House rushed through legislation that will divert more than $140 million dollars from the school aid fund in the first year alone. The move comes in the wake of numerous non-partisan reports that found that Michigan schools are underfunded by nearly $2,000 per pupil. The bill, HB 4991, passed without any Democrat support. In response to its passage, state Rep. Patrick Green (D-Warren) issued the following statement:

“Ensuring the quality of our roads is critical, but to compromise the futures of Michigan’s students in order to fund those efforts is wholly unnecessary, and flat out wrong. There are better solutions out there that my colleagues and I have been pushing for months, but Republicans never took action. This legislation was rushed through on the last day of lame duck in the dead of night when we should have taken the time to find a better alternative, and avoid the detrimental effects that this will have on our already underfunded public schools.”