LANSING—Earlier today it was reported that Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey was willing to move a budget that did not include a solution to Michigan’s roads crisis, despite Republicans having all summer to come up with a plan to counter the ideas offered by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and House Democrats. In response, House Democratic Leader Christine Greig (D-Farmington Hills) issued the following statement: 

“Speaker Chatfield and Leader Shirkey have the authority to set the Legislature’s agenda, and it is irresponsible that they shirked that duty all summer when it came to the budget. We have the worst roads in the country, and to suggest that we move a budget that does not deal with our roads — because they let the clock run out on their watch — is absurd. We stood together at the start of the summer and all parties involved vowed to strive for bipartisanship and transparency during this process, yet when we brought solutions to the table we were met with silence, and no alternatives from them. House Democrats have been ready all summer to find a compromise that raises the revenue we need to fix our roads. It’s time Republicans roll up their sleeves and join us in doing the hard work the people in our communities sent us here to do. Tick tock.”