LANSING – An updated and expanded version of the School Aid budget passed the House today after House Democrats fought to see key changes made reflecting the priorities of everyday Michiganders, including an increase to special education funding and an increase in flexibility in the use of “at-risk” funds. In response House Democratic Leader Christine Greig (D-Farmington Hills), who voted in favor of the School Aid budget, issued the following statement:

“We all agree how important it is to give our students the education they need to succeed. That starts with a strong school aid budget. With new revenue sources off the table, we fought extremely hard to get the best budget for our schools with the options made available to us, and in the end developed something that is truly bipartisan. While this budget isn’t perfect, we also saw significant progress from the version presented earlier this year, including a $30 million increase for special education funding. This budget is a good first step to reprioritizing Michigan’s students, and I am encouraged by the bipartisan effort to improve it and get it to the governor’s desk.”