“Silence is acceptance. I don’t expect people to comment on every single injustice in our country because sadly you could spend your whole day doing that, but if you have the ability to speak out against racism within your own network or within your profession, you should say something.

“It will take more than simply being ‘not racist’ to change the fundamental injustices ingrained in our culture. It will take overt opposition to racism. As a Latino woman, I understand these inherent prejudices more than most, but I know that my ‘brown-ness’ doesn’t give me the right to speak for the African American community and the challenges they face.

“It’s time we each take a good hard look at what kind of people we want to be. We can always evolve our views and change for the better, and it’s all our job to educate ourselves about our own prejudices to do better and be better.”


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