ALBION — The Michigan Economic Development Corp. (MEDC) announced this week that the Michigan Strategic Fund (MSF) board approved $2 million in support for Irwin Avenue improvement projects, as well as a local match of $223,000. State Rep. Jim Haadsma (D-Battle Creek) celebrated the announcement, noting that the funding would replace deteriorated sewer systems and expand the system to meet fire flow demands.

“Albion families have had to deal with crumbling sewer infrastructure for too long,” said Haadsma. “I am thankful the MEDC is supporting important infrastructure revitalization projects in our communities. Not only will the Irwin Avenue project contribute to greater rain- and wastewater removal, but it will lower the risk of flooding and ensure the fire department has access to the water they need to keep our communities safe.”

Originally created in 1984, the MSF board is tasked with the responsibilities of approving grants and loans under different Michigan programs to promote economic development and job creation.