The Dearborn City Council unanimously passed ordinance No. 20-1680 during their Tuesday meeting to provide for several environmental protections advocated by state Rep. Abdullah Hammoud (D-Dearborn) and community activists over the past two years. In partnership with Salah Ali, board member of the Michigan League of Conservation Voters, and Nick Leonard of the Great Lakes Environmental Law Center, Hammoud’s coalition hosted countless community town halls, meetings and conversations with Dearborn families about next steps for improving air quality.

“Nearly five years ago, I met an elderly gentleman in the South End of Dearborn, and after a few exchanges about our shared love for this community and how we wanted to improve it, he left me with one request: don’t forget about us,” said Hammoud. “That is a promise I have carried with me every day. And while I am thrilled this city ordinance passed, I still recognize there’s more to be done, because when you fight for your home, you never stop. Thank you to all who fought for this and to the council for adopting the ordinance unanimously.”

Specifically, the ordinance requires the following for the Dearborn community:

  • Industrial trucks must cover the trailers to prevent dust, debris, smoke, odor, vapor, and/or gaseous substances from polluting our community and obstructing traffic.
  • All companies will be responsible for reducing the track-out (dirt and debris that carries onto public roads) from their properties.
  • All companies must reduce the fugitive dust (dust and debris that becomes airborne) that spills into our neighborhoods.
  • Any violation of this order will result in a ticket and fine, with fines used on public health and pollution prevention projects.