LANSING — State Rep. Abdullah Hammoud (D-Dearborn) introduced House Bill 5822 yesterday, which seeks to prevent deaths from opioid overdoses by expanding the Carrying and Administering Opioid Antagonists Act to clarify the inclusion of Michigan State Police officers.

“Michigan State Police officers are often first responders, and having access to this medication, along with proper training, is essential in limiting fatalities from opioid overdoses,” said Hammoud. “This bill provides another tool to prevent these tragic and unnecessary deaths.”

Specifically, HB 5822 would allow state police officers to carry and administer opioid antagonists under certain circumstances and be provided access to opioid antagonists by the Department of State Police. Additionally, it would limit civil and criminal liability of the department and officers for the possession, distribution and use of opioid antagonists under certain circumstances, including when the officer is properly trained and has a reason to believe an individual is experiencing an opioid-related overdose.

Michigan State Police and the governor’s office support the bill and assisted with the drafting process.

“The opioid epidemic has shattered lives across the state, which is why last year, the Dearborn Police Department, in partnership with the SAFE Substance Abuse Coalition, initiated an opioid antagonist program that saved dozens of lives over the course of six months,” said Hammoud. “The success of this community initiative led to discussions with the Michigan State Police to enact similar protocols for their officers statewide. We need to be equipping first responders with every tool available to save lives as we continue working to find solutions to opioid addiction.”