DEARBORN — Last week, the United Auto Workers (UAW) began a nationwide strike against General Motors following the expiration of the union contract, with workers fighting for fair wages, affordable health care and job security. As discussions with GM continue, striking UAW members do not have access to their health care benefits or regular wages, leading to temporary hardship for many workers and their families. Currently, more than 15 local businesses in the Dearborn community have announced they will provide discounts to these families.

“As the strike continues, I remain committed to working with business owners and community leaders to help provide assistance to the workers and their families,” said state Rep. Abdullah Hammoud (D-Dearborn). “While it’s inspiring to see many of our local business leaders agree to provide discounts to these families, I believe there is always room to do more. I encourage others to follow suit as we continue to fight together to ensure huge corporations pay their fair share to their hardworking employees.”

General Motors announced that 1,200 employees would be laid off on Monday due to the ongoing strike. This announcement is in addition to the estimated 4,500 employees temporarily laid off on Friday of last week from GM and its suppliers.