State Rep. Abdullah Hammoud (D-Dearborn) introduced legislation this week to amend the General Property Tax Act to make the poverty property tax exemption more transparent and accessible for taxpayers.

House Bill 6497 would require municipalities to provide an application for this exemption upon request, post information on their website and detail the exemption when mailing assessment notices. Additionally, the Michigan Department of Treasury would be required to provide continuing education and training materials to better assist local governments.

“This legislation takes necessary steps to ensure residents have an easier time identifying and accessing this tax exemption,” said Hammoud. “Constituents have reached out expressing their concerns and confusion with the current process. It’s imperative to push for greater transparency and accessibility to this important information for those in need, especially during this pandemic.”

House Bill 6496 would allow local governments to give qualified low-income or disabled homeowners a three-year property tax poverty exemption instead of requiring them to renew it annually. This seeks to streamline the process for both residents and municipalities.