LANSING — State Rep. Abdullah Hammoud (D-Dearborn) introduced a bill today that would revise the per-pupil funding formula for school districts. The bill, House Bill 4254, would amend the state School Aid Fund Act.

“Under current law, school districts must anxiously await their current year count and then scramble to finalize the most adequate budget they can,” Hammoud said. “My proposal would provide a way for districts to plan their budget in a manner that is more fiscally responsible.”

HB 4254 would grant school districts the ability to determine membership using the current school year per-pupil count or the immediately preceding school year count, whichever is greater.

 “This bill aims to provide our school districts with an enhanced window to prepare their budgets, while also not penalizing growing districts, such as Dearborn,” Hammoud said. “This would improve the stability and planning ability of schools, many of which are experiencing fluctuating pupil counts or even financial distress.”