LANSING–In the early hours of the morning the Michigan House of Representatives passed a sweeping $1.3 billion supplemental funding package. Despite a number of allocations for localized projects, nothing was set aside for the victims of the Unemployment Insurance Agency’s false fraud allegations. In response, state Rep. Kevin Hertel (D-St. Clair Shores) issued the following statement:

“Even within this enormous $1.3 billion dollar supplemental budget, Republicans have decided not to carve out even one penny for victims of the UIA’s faulty fraud detection system. 44,000 Michiganders had their lives irreparably damaged by the failures of an agency of the Snyder administration, yet leadership continues to deny making them whole at every turn. Maybe they are hoping everyone will forget; but I can promise you that I, and those that were wronged, never will. I have been fighting for justice ever since this terrible situation was brought to light, and I will continue to do so until these victims are made whole. This will go down as just one of the many black marks on the shameful record by which this administration is remembered.”