Democrats continue helping people, places thrive

LANSING, Mich., May 15, 2024 — The Michigan House of Representatives passed its recommended fiscal 2024-25 budget last week. It includes substantial investments in Michigan students, local economies and safety and a greater focus on the wellbeing of Michiganders. House Dems are reinforcing their commitment to building stronger hometowns and prioritizing working Michiganders. After voting on the budget, state Rep. Peter Herzberg (D-Westland) issued the following statement:

“We are reinvesting in our hometowns. This budget increases the number of grants that are available to bring dollars back to our cities. We are empowering local governments to invest in infrastructure, public services and community development projects. We are making our communities safer and reinvesting in our neighborhood infrastructure so we can have smooth roads and clean drinking water. We are investing in our communities’ futures by increasing per-pupil funding for students and removing barriers to obtaining higher education by lowering costs. By investing in localities, we are fueling transformation in hometowns and setting the stage for their continued success.”