LANSING, Mich., June 11, 2024 — State Rep. Jenn Hill (D-Marquette) announced the successful passage of House Bills 5379 and 5747 in the Michigan House of Representatives. These bills will make it easier for Michigan to form agreements with other states about how commercial vehicles transporting raw forest products are taxed ensuring a smoother transportation of goods. Following the bill’s passage, Hill issued the following statement:

“This package is not just about reducing red tape for small businesses, it’s about supporting the hardworking loggers of the Upper Peninsula and helping them maximize the efficiency of their businesses,” Hill said. “The proposed changes recognize the significant contributions of the logging industry to the state’s economy and makes a change that will improve businesses and families’ lives.”

This legislation is especially important in the Upper Peninsula, where logging and transporting wood products between Michigan and Wisconsin is a major part of the economy. Despite Republican co-sponsorship of HB 5379, a prior vote on the legislation failed in March 2024 due to partisan gridlock.