MARQUETTE, Mich., Oct. 18, 2023 — Democratic lawmakers introduced a package of bills last week, the Clean Energy and Jobs Act, to help Michigan meet its renewable energy goals, create good-paying union jobs and uphold the rights of landowners to use their property as they choose.

State Rep. Jenn Hill (D-Marquette), a member of the Energy, Communications, and Technology Committee, successfully presented two amendments to the package — the first would more clearly define community benefits, and the second would require developers pay into a local intervenor compensation fund used to cover costs for local units of government that want to be involved in the process. After the vote, Hill issued the following statement on the bills:

“I am concerned about the future of the Upper Peninsula, and I’m committed to improving our electrical grid and lowering energy costs. Renewable developments represent an opportunity to achieve those goals. I’ve heard feedback from folks who are concerned about the bills, and I was glad I could amend the legislation to ensure locals will continue to have a voice in the process.”