LANSING, Mich., March 24, 2022 — The Michigan House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 565 today, putting billions of dollars to work in communities across the state. State Rep. Rachel Hood (D-Grand Rapids) voted in support of the bill, highlighting the more than $2.2 billion in funding for water-related projects and $55 million for parks, trails and flood control infrastructure improvements along the Grand River. Hood issued the following statement:

“This supplemental budget is a reminder of what happens when we put aside political differences and focus on Michiganders first. It will ensure that our infrastructure can withstand the changing climate and deliver clean drinking water to communities across the state. It will also allow more Michiganders to enjoy what makes Michigan special by investing in new and existing state and local parks. In Grand Rapids, this means we will rapidly accelerate our vision to reconnect, redevelop and activate our river corridor along the Grand River. I’m thrilled to bring these investments home to help realize our decades-long vision for the river, in addition to meeting other immediate housing and infrastructure needs.”