LANSING — State Rep. Rachel Hood (D-Grand Rapids) introduced House Resolution 45 today to call on Congress to reject proposed cuts to the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. Over the last decade, these federal funds have supported over 4,700 projects throughout the Great Lakes region including the cleanup of toxic contamination, reducing runoff from cities and farms, combating invasive species, and restoring fish and wildlife habitat. In his latest budget proposal, President Trump recommended a 90 percent cut to the initiative, threatening Michigan’s economy and putting the state’s access to fresh water at risk.

“The Great Lakes are one of our most critical natural assets, both to the people of Michigan and our economy,” said Hood. “If we fail to make progress in protecting our lakes now, restoration efforts in the future will only become more difficult and more expensive. With 90 percent of the nation’s surface freshwater at stake, we have to urge the federal government to remain an active partner in preserving the Great Lakes for the future.”

Hood’s HR 45 was referred to the Committee on Natural Resources & Outdoor Recreation for further consideration.