LANSING — Following weeks of negotiations, the House passed sweeping changes to Michigan’s auto insurance system today. Despite efforts by House Democrats, the final bill does not include provisions to eliminate red-lining or guaranteed rate reductions that keep access to quality coverage intact. In response, state Rep. Rachel Hood (D-Grand Rapids) issued the following statement:

“The families of Michigan are watching as we determine the future for millions of Michiganders. We owe it to our constituents to design a solution that holds insurers accountable, guarantees lower rates, and protect access to dignified, life-long health care coverage for accident victims. Sadly, the plan before us today doesn’t go far enough to solve this problem for our most vulnerable citizens, it damages our long-term care and rehab facilities, and delivers an overwhelming and confusing system that many of my constituents will struggle to navigate. This deal does achieve some improvements to previous bills this session, but still puts a nebulous and incomplete commitment for road funding over the needs of Michigan’s citizens in their most vulnerable moments. As a legislator, I require ample time and all the necessary data to consider the short and long term impacts on a variety of factors, to make an informed decision on behalf of my constituents. Guided by input from my constituents and my district’s major employers, and balancing the factors outlined here, I am unfortunately unable to provide a yes vote on this auto no-fault insurance package.”