Hoskins floor speech

State Rep. Jason Hoskins speaking on the House Floor, Feb. 14. 2024.

LANSING, Mich., March 20, 2024 —  The Access to Fertility Healthcare bill package, House Bills 520715, passed the Senate yesterday. These bills eliminate barriers to parentage in fertility health care and legalize contractual surrogacy in Michigan. State Rep. Jason Hoskins (D-Southfield) issued the following statement today about the passage:

“I am thrilled about the passage of these bills. As one of the bill sponsors of the Access to Fertility Healthcare bill package, I understand it’s crucial to make sure that we’re protecting access to health care and family planning for all. Access to IVF and all forms of fertility health care must be enshrined into law to ensure these freedoms.

“In a political landscape that can be filled with bitter disagreements, partisan politicking and general grandstanding — we have a chance to legislate a kindness to so many in Michigan, the kindness to allow them to have a family the way they’d like and on their terms using a surrogate. There are families out there that might be incomplete and unsure about what the future holds, and yesterday, the Michigan Senate took a massive step to grant them that future: A future of holding a newborn child and completing their family.”